From a cross of M-8 with Red Standard, Dr. Budagovski obtained a clone that he called Red-Leaved Paradise. The clone is now known as Budagovski 9 or simply Bud 9.

Influence on Scion Habit

Bud 9 produces trees that are M-9 or slightly smaller in size and require support. Bud 9 induces early fruiting and is compatible with most cultivars.

Disease Resistance

Bud 9 is very resistant to collar rot and moderately resistant to powdery mildew and apple scab. Bud 9 is less susceptible to fire blight as M-9. This rootstock is tolerant of common latent viruses and is very resistant to winter frost

Nursery Habit

The rooting ability of Bud 9 is comparable to M-7. Lined-out rootstock produce good scion growth in the nursery.

Horticultural Value

Bud 9 has exceptional winter hardiness, promotes open scion growth, and produces crops in two to three years with a yield efficiency like that of M-9. Over the past ten years Bud 9 has received very high grades from the NC-140 trials. Bud 9 is useful in high-density planting and shows much promise when considering a stock similar to M-9. Bud 9 can be used as an interstem as well.

Budagovski 9