Geneva® 202 originated from a planned cross in 1975 of ‘M.27 x Robusta 5’ by Cornell University and Geneva Apple Rootstock Breeding Program.

Influence on Scion Habit

Geneva® 202 produces trees that are 45% to 50% of seedling. It is slightly larger than Emla 26.

Disease Resistance

Geneva® 202 is resistant to Fire Blight, (Erwinia amylovora), Root Rot (Phytophthora), and Woolly Apple Aphids.

Nursery Habit

Geneva® 202 roots very well in layer beds and is easy to propagate. It also produces some side shoots or spines that have to be removed in the nursery.

Horticultural Value

Geneva® 202 is easy to propagate and has some disease resistance. Geneva® 202 does not offer sufficient crop density and fruit size is slightly smaller. Geneva® 202 would be a good choice for precocious scions that produce oversized fruit.

Geneva® 202