Geneva® 41 is a 1975 cross of ‘Malling 27 X Robusta 5’ by the Cornell University/Geneva Apple Rootstock Breeding Program.

Influence on Scion Habit

Geneva® 41 produces trees that are similar to the less vigorous M-9 rootstocks with good precocity and fruit size.

Disease Resistance

Geneva® 41 is highly resistant to fire blight and Phytophthora with no known tree death from this disease in field trials. Its precocity and productivity have shown to be equal to or better than M-9. Geneva® 41 shows to be resistant to replant disease and appears to be winter hardy with no damage following the test winter of 1994.

Nursery Habit

Geneva® 41 produces a few side shoots in the stool bed but the biggest challenge is poor root development--leading to a lower

number of salable plants resulting in higher rootstock production cost. The Geneva® 41 produces a tree similar to trees grown on M-9 in the nursery.

Horticultural Value

Geneva® 41 rootstock could be a good replacement for M-9 because its fruit production is as good or better and the added protection against fire blight and replant disease.

Geneva® 41