M-9 Nic® 29 is a patented rootstock selected by the Belgian Nursery Rene Nicolai N.V.

Influence on Scion Habit

Nic® 29 is a M-9 type with a more developed root system. Because of this better rooting system, trees on Nic® 29 have more vitality in orchards than the normal M-9.

Disease Resistance

Nic® 29 is susceptible to scab and mildew in the nursery. No Phytophthora cactorum has been observed. Susceptibility to fire blight is similar to other clones.

Nursery Habit

In the layer beds, M-9 Nic® 29 produces a better rooting system than other selections of M-9s and produces significantly more plants by the layering method when compared to other M-9 selections. In the nursery when growing finished trees on Nic® 29, the rootstock will produce a higher quality of nursery stock. This means better roots, more trunk diameter, more laterals.

Horticultural Value

When considering a high density orchard the M-9 Nic® 29 rootstock would be a good choice if you’re looking for a more vigorous M-9 clone. Highly recommended for those diploid varieties where vigour is necessary to bring the apples to a good size.

M-9 Nic® 29