M-9 X Common Antonovka, developed by Dr. S. W. Zagaja at Skierniewice, Poland.

Influence on Scion Habit

P-2 produces trees that are about 25% of seedling size. P-2 has been widely used in Poland as an interstem because of its exceptional winter-hardiness. Cropping efficiency is similar to M-9 Trees on P-2 display good open growth.

Disease Resistance

P-2 is resistant to collar rot and is slightly susceptible to scab and mildew. P-2 shows resistance to European canker, perennial canker, silver leaf and crown gall.

Nursery Habit

In the layers, P-2 is not as straight as P-1 and produces some feathers. It compares to EMLA 26 in rooting and stooling density. Leaves are dark green, round with deep serrations. P-2 is non-suckering and produces good scion growth with numerous lateral branches. Trees on P-2 defoliate early in the fall and break bud late in the spring. No burrknot tendency.

Horticultural Value

P-2 has excellent winter hardiness, similar to Alnarp 2, and is used as an interstem on Antonovka seedling in Poland to produce hardy trees that are M-9 size and can be free standing. Requires a rich soil and is also used for high density trellis planting with vigorous varieties. P-2 is precocious and crops in the third year.