EMLA Quince A is another virus certified pear rootstock to come out of East Malling Long Ashton.

Influence on Scion Habit

EMLA Quince A is reported to be more vigorous than EMLA Quince C although not as precocious. Reports indicate that EMLA Quince A produces heavy crops with larger fruit size, and that the winter hardiness of EMLA Quince A exceeds that of EMLA Quince C.

Disease Resistance

EMLA Quince A is resistant to pear decline, crown gall, mildew, nematodes and root aphids but does show a susceptibility to fire blight.

Nursery Habit

EMLA Quince A roots very well in our layering system.

Horticultural Value

Similar to all Quince rootstocks, consideration should be given to scion compatibility and support.

EMLA Quince A