Bud 10® is a rootstock that was released from Michurinsk University of Agriculture in Russia. Bred by Dr. Budagovsky, Bud 10® is a cross of Bud 9 x 13-14.

Influence on Scion Habit

Bud 10® produces trees that are 30% to 35% of seedling. Bud 10® produces tree similar to M-9 T337 in climates like Eastern Washington State. Bud 10® has vigor similar to Pajam® 2 in climates like New York.

Disease Resistance

Bud 10® is cold hardy and resistant to fire blight.

Nursery Habit

This rootstock is easy to propagate in layer beds or stool beds with strait plants that have few side shoots or spines.

Horticultural Value

Bud 10® has a yield efficiency and precocity similar to M-9. It has been in orchard trials in the United States for over 8 years now and seems to grow very well.

Budagovski 10®