'Dorris', tested as OSU 876.041, resulted from a cross of OSU 309.074 × 'Delta' made in 1997 by Shawn A. Mehlenbacher and David C. Smith.

Tree Vigor and Growth Habit

'Dorris' will produce trees that are 60% of Barcelona. Trees will have moderate spreading similar to Lewis and should be planted on a closer spacing than Barcelona.

Disease Resistance

'Dorris' is highly resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight and contains the Gasaway resistance gene. 'Dorris' is also resistant to bud mites.

Nursery Habit

'Dorris' generally roots well in layer beds although the number of roots is fewer than what is on 'Jefferson'.

Horticultural Value

Excellent texture, flavor, and large kernel size make it well suited for the Blanched kernel market. 'Dorris' trees have high nut yields and have high yield efficiency. Recommended pollinizers are 'York' (50%), 'Gamma' (25%), and 'Felix' (25%).