'Jefferson', tested as OSU 703.007, resulted from a cross of OSU 252.146 × OSU 414.062 made in 1993 by Shawn A. Mehlenbacher and David C. Smith

Tree Vigor and Growth Habit

'Jefferson' will produce trees that are 67% of Barcelona. 'Jefferson' trees have a more upright growth habit than 'Barcelona', making them easy to train as single-trunk trees and manage in an orchard.

Disease Resistance

'Jefferson' has a high resistance to both Eastern Filbert blight and bud mite. These trees can be planted in high disease pressure areas.

Nursery Habit

'Jefferson' roots abundantly from layer beds. It can also be produced from TC, Soft Wood Cuttings, and Suckering tie-off.

Horticultural Value

'Jefferson' was released for the in-shell market as a replacement for 'Barcelona'. The nuts and kernels are similar in size to 'Barcelona. 'Eta', 'Theta', and 'Felix' should be used as pollinizers.