The hazelnut cultivar (variety) developed at Oregon State, named 'McDonald', is from a cross of 'Tonda Pacifica' and 'Santiam'.

Tree Vigor and Growth Habit

McDonald will produce trees that are 70% of Barcelona. Trees will have moderate spreading similar to Lewis and 'Jefferson'.

Disease Resistance

'McDonald' is resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight but some strikes have been noted in test orchards. 'McDonald' is also resistant to bud mites and has a low incidence of kernel mold.

Nursery Habit

'McDonald' layers well and produces liners that are well rooted similar to 'Jeffersn'.

Horticultural Value

'McDonald' has excellent texture and flavor, small kernel size, and kernel quality. Well suited for the blanched kernel market, chocolate products, and baked goods. 'Webster' and York can be used for pollinizers.