Geneva® 11 is a 1978 cross of ‘M-26 X Robusta 5’ crabapple hybridized by the Cornell University/Geneva Apple Rootstock Breeding Program.

Influence on Scion Habit

Geneva® 11 shows very good precocity with higher yield efficiency than many commercial rootstocks including some M-9s.

Varieties on Geneva® 11 rootstock show comparable tree vigor as the same varieties would on M-9 rootstock although more testing on tree vigor needs to be done in commercial orchards.

Disease Resistance

Geneva® 11 is moderately resistant to fire blight, infections are very rare. The Geneva® 11 rootstock show to be moderately resistant to Woolly Apple Aphid, but more testing is needed.

Nursery Habit

Geneva® 11 performs moderate to good in the layer beds with light suckering, no burrknots and adequate rooting.

Horticultural Value

Geneva® 11 would be a good replacement for M-9 rootstock in areas where fire blight is known to strike. With high fruit efficiency and large fruit size this rootstock could work well in many commercial orchards, also does well in replant sites.

Geneva® 11