For over 80 years TRECO® has grown, and developed the finest virus-certified dwarf-ing and semi-dwarfing apple rootstocks for markets worldwide. TRECO® has large acreage of premium quality Oregon rootstock planted and offers close to 30 varieties including Budagovski, EMLA, and Geneva. TRECO® is flexible to meet market demands and closely follows the research and introduction of new apple varieties to be among the first to offer them to growers. The future of your orchard starts here.

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In 2017 TRECO® began offering Hazelnut trees. We currently have 7 different varieties including McDonald, Jefferson and Webster to choose from, and are coming out with PollyO a new variety in 2022. TRECO® will continue to set the excellence standard for products for hazelnut growers. We monitor market changes and are positioned to adapt to offer new hazelnut trees as they become marketable. The foundation of your orchard starts here.

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