From its beginnings in 1941 as a small apple orchard where various dwarfing rootstocks were developed and tested, TRECO® has grown into the major producer of dwarfing and semi-dwarfing apple rootstocks in the world.

TRECO Workers in Field

Plant Care

Once you’ve placed an order, we ensure your plants are true to name. Prior to being placed in cold storage our rootstocks are carefully hand sorted to the highest grading standards in the industry. The conditions under which TRECO® stores, handles and ships your rootstock order helps to eliminate the potential problems that may occur with root dryness and heat or freeze damage to the tender rootstock tissues.

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Virus Certified

It’s our comprehensive root care system that ensures the virus-tested quality of our rootstocks. Before 1930, few of the viruses that affect deciduous fruit trees were known. Since then, over 50 viruses and virus-like diseases caused by mycoplasms have been discovered and isolated. Some of these viruses and mycoplasms can infect and kill a mature tree in one or two years!...wiping out years of work and considerable expense.

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TRECO®’s Rootstocks are warranted to be true to name, properly graded for uniformity of size and quality, carefully stored to maintain their high quality and properly packed to reach the purchaser in the best possible condition.

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